What part did I have?


Our rehearsals have started for the WCCT’s production of “Miracle on 34th Street”. I started with a few male roles, since they were small roles and would be easily played by 1 actor. I started out with 4 such roles. Then 3 others were added, with lines from one or two being combined with one of the new parts. Today I was moved to a different role and lost another. Such is the way of community theater.

I’m just happy I get to keep the role I wanted. And I am again on stage with one of my daughters…

We do have a great Santa Clause with a real beard. In my opinion, our Santa is one of the best actors on our little stage. It is a pleasure to work with him again. A few other actors that I’ve been on stage with are also in the cast. And we also have many new people on stage. I always like seeing new people on stage. They are the way our theater grows.

I’ll have to add a countdown the the opening. It should be a fun show….

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