More crockpot cooking


The original recipe I had called for 4 boneless chicken breasts, 1 bag frozen mixed vegetables, and 3/4 cup chicken broth, salt and pepper to taste. This could be served with potatoes or noodles. Always quick, easy and tasty, but way too much for one person. So I cut this down to try to serve 1.

I have a small crock pot to use for dip and other small recipes, so I set out to use this. I had 1 boneless chicken breast, enough vegetables for 1, chicken broth to just cover the chicken breast (just like in the big crock pot) and some red pepper flakes instead of salt and pepper. Cooked this for 3 hours on high, and served with mashed potatoes… I thought it was good. Not bad for a cool fall evening.

And this was a little healthier than my breakfast food cravings of just a little while ago. How often should one eat sausage gravy? 😉

4 thoughts on “More crockpot cooking”

  1. Can’t really read this right now, I’ll get too hungry. Haven’t been able to eat real food without pain in almost a week.
    I MISS FOOD!!!

  2. Sorry taylhis, do you want a soup recipe? Something with very little salt or spice that you don’t have to chew? I’ve had the canker sores before, but I think I grew out of them. Now I only get them when I bite myself. Not quite the same thing, but they still hurt.

  3. Thanks… I could take a look at a soup recipe. I’ve just been on a diet of nutrition shakes, yogurt, and canned soup since without food, I don’t have much energy for cooking. I never used to get canker sores, but these are the second set of really bad ones in a few months. Though I still think this set was caused by the hand, foot and mouth disease.

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