painting with brown paint


I’m not exactly sure how I did it, but I volunteered to put up some new ceiling tiles for the theater. That isn’t much of a problem, but I do remember telling someone I would put them up if someone else painted them. Well, earlier this evening I was using some brown paint to paint all the new tiles before they go on the ceiling.

It wasn’t fun at all. The tiles were like sponges and just kept absorbing the paint. I couldn’t put it on to thick, because the tiles would have fallen apart under the paint load. Then all the little crevices and crannies in these tiles didn’t want to take any paint. So this took about twice as much paint as I guessed and twice as much time. I certainly hope they go up smoother than the paint job did.

Next week, ceiling tiles will be put in there place. Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “painting with brown paint”

  1. Good luck! Your endeavors were discussed at the board meeting last night, which is just about all the appreciation you can expect 😉

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