Gumption… Who Has It and What Is It?


WOW… tonight was the final dress rehearsal for The Nerd and to quote our director, “We have a show.” I do however, have a few questions about it beginning with the title of this blog… what exactly is gumption… Let’s find out together, shall we? Merriam-Webster’s on-line dictionary lists two definitions:

  • common sense/horse sense
  • enterprise/initiative (he lacks the gumption to try)

Ok… now that that has been settled, the last person whom Axel believes to have said quality was Marjorie Main. Once again, I haven’t the foggiest idea who he is speaking about so, I will consult the trusty wikipedia website and low-and-behold we get:

Marjorie Main (February 24, 1890April 10, 1975) was an Oscar-nominated American character actress, perhaps best known for her role as Ma Kettle in a series of ten Ma and Pa Kettle movies.

I KNEW I had seen her name somewhere before. I vaguely remember watching the old Ma and Pa Kettle series after church on Sunday mornings. She was nominated for an Academy Award for the 1947 Ma and Pa Kettle film The Egg and I.

So now that I have found answers to my two burning questions concerning the play, I can tell the cast of The Nerd to BREAK A LEG. IT IS GOING TO BE A SMASH.

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  1. It will be a smash quality-wise – it’s a great show. Now if only we can get people to come see it… It is heading toward being the Scapin of 2008 – the funniest show no one’s seen…

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