Who Ya Gonna Call?… Again


Yes, yes, yes… anyone who remembers the tagline from one of the top box office draws of 1984 knows the answer to that question. The announcement that a Ghostbusters III is being planned made me scratch my head wondering when enough is enough and how old actors need to be before a franchise that was created in their prime needs to be shelved. Although successful back in the day, the original films (the sequel especially) were nowhere near as iconic as say… Indiana Jones. However, two writers (Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky) from the wickedly entertaining series The Office (season 5 begins September 25) have been assigned to develop the story that will pick up 20 years after Ghostbusters II. It also promises to reunite the four leads: Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, and OF Course Bill Murray. At this early date, it is uncertain whther or not Rick Moranis (who has all but retired from movie making) or Sigourney Weaver would be included. But I suppose that if the story was worthy enough, I might consider going out to see it or renting the DVD.

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4 thoughts on “Who Ya Gonna Call?… Again”

  1. Interesting info… those names don’t look familiar as writers of the Office… maybe I’ll have time to look and see which episodes they are responsible for. Not that there are any bad ones. Were the original 4 actors in ghostbusters 2? I’m not that big a fan of Ghostbusters. It came out during my childhood, but it scared me, so I never really watched it until I was an adult, and it’s not all that funny. I do enjoy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man though! And I loved the commodore 64 computer game!

  2. Yep… the original 4 plus Sigourney and Rick were all in the sequel. It did not do nearly as well as the original. I liked Stay-Puft also as well as Slimer.

  3. Wasn’t Murray trying to get another sequel out of it back when the time was more appropriate? But then, this is modern Hollywood’s legacy- making sequels to or “reboots” of old movies. Disney started this I think with their video sequels like Cinderella II and the like…

  4. It seems like they attempted to way back when but for whatever reason has never come to be, yet. But, yes… the endless parade of direct to video sequels and reboots continues… have not bothered with The Lost Boys sequel(?)

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