Mid May? Really?


Take 2?

Cool weather for mid-May, and I have a fire going in the fireplace. I have had no other heat since the some time in April and I will start a fire in the evening if needed. The cool damp weather calls for that fire.

Started the fire a bit later than I normally would since I had to rehearse today. I just found out that the Dinner theater I am in on the Weekend of the 22nd is sold out. A week and a half before the show. Wow!! It has been a while since I’ve been involved in a sold out show. Should be fun.

I also found out that the last show I was in is destined to go to regional contest. I’m not sure about this. I liked the characters, but I was ready to let the show go when it was over. Can’t really say I am looking forward to this. That is two years in a row that a show I was in was elected to go to our regional contest. Last year I had a good excuse not to go. I don’t think there are any weddings planned for this year’s contest (there better not be…) But maybe a family party? Something that I could use? Is that the weekend my youngest has to move home from College? Hmmm.

Oh well, the fire needs another log tossed on it.

12 thoughts on “Mid May? Really?”

  1. Ok, comments work now? Not sure how they were closed. I don’t remember setting anything. And my avatar isn’t working right now either? 🙁 Avatar back 😉

  2. Angel_of_night

    Hmmmm… I completely forgot about the dinner theater, I think I was supposed to go with Em…but, I think I told her I wasn’t sure b/c of my Dad… UGH! Guess I’ll have to talk to her at work tomorrow. Well, good luck anyways! Wish I could have made it. 🙂

  3. Comments work, but did you know that there are 2 of this post? 😉 I left my comment on the same one as everyone else so all the comments were in one place. Would you be so kind as to move my original comment? I don’t mind if you edit the comments to avoid confusing others.

  4. WHAT?!?! The dinner theater is sold out?!? But I have a babysitter and everything!!! I am so disappointed! We haven’t made reservations because a. I just found out about the babysitter and b. I don’t even know how to make reservations!
    Well, good luck in your show that I won’t see. I am sad. 🙁

  5. I know, I almost didn’t get my group in. They didn’t get the reservations I made last week, I’m glad I checked today!!!

  6. Break a leg, justj! Hopefully, the status of the dinner theatre does not diminish the size of the audience for the show I am in 😉 No reservations needed for my show!

  7. AH! It has been a few years since the last sell out I was in, too. Wonder what that was… I think I’ll leave it at that 😉

  8. Too bad they couldn’t do your show an extra night or so as just the show so they can get more people in….I, too, am sad. Break a leg!!! 😉

  9. They are doing the show one more time in July, but I think that is a closed affair. Oh well, I will be done with it next weekend.

  10. A couple of the last days seemed outright cold- I’m glad we’re back to spring. As others have already written, break a leg!

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