Now It Can Be Told


This past weekend, one of my dearest friends graduated from the area community college.  Weather permitting, I WAS going to attend the ceremony.  If weather did not permit, she was only guaranteed 4 tickets so I would not be so bold.  However, the weather held (cold and windy as it was but well worth it).  After the commencement, a group met for a party.  I’m so glad that I was not the only person to bring a gift.  We discussed whether I should bring the gift to the restaurant or wait until later.  Who am I to listen?  I brought it along.

Purchasing the gift was stealth at its best!  Easter Sunday before Wicked, my family and I arrived at the  theatre before Megan and Carol so I had time to peruse the souvenir stand.  I picked up a few things and then saw something that totally caught my eye: a musical snow globe featuring Glinda and Elphaba that plays one of the musical highlights of the show: “For Good.”  WHAT AN EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA!  I bought it and got it to the van before my friends arrived.  Megan asked me why I kept texting them to see how far away they were… now she knows! I’m pretty good with secret keeping but even I was getting antsy because I thought it was such a great idea.

A few days later,  Megan posted something to the effect of “Hmm… what to get myself for graduation.” on her facebook page.  To which I replied, “What can those of us who are not you get you for graduation?”  HAHA!

Isn’t it great to surprise your friends sometimes!?  Congratulations Megan!  I hope the next step of your journey is filled with joy and fulfillment!

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