Scary But Exciting


I don’t know if it’s because this is the most dramatic show I’ve ever been part of, the smallest cast, or a combination of the two but I’m really starting to feel a bit of pressure.  I keep going through the script and I’m doing fine (just a few beats I’m having trouble with)… I dunno.  Of course, we did just get on stage.  I guess I need to take my “teenage daughter’s” advice and relax!  Don’t let the pressure overwhelm me and above all HAVE FUN!  This IS what I love to do!

We had a bit of tech tonight: lights and sound from Trav.  Flashing lights.. HAHA!  One day I’m going to get lurkers to comment even ones who have told me have tried but don’t get their comments posted.  Not because I haven’t been checking for those in moderation.

There is a lot to enjoy about Miracles as I thought there would be and it will be fantastic! They don’t call it hell week for nothing! The cast is fun (not forgetting the director now) and “Kate” told me that she is having a ball working with me once again.  A week and a day (oops, make that a week) to curtain.

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