I think we need a lawyer….


Some trouble with casting the latest show I’m in. At one point in time all of the roles were cast and everything was going well. I’m not sure what happened but we lost one of our male actors and on of the females. We had volunteers to take up the missing female parts, but we still need one more male. I’m sure our director is at her wits end.

The male parts available would be an lawyer for the court room all in Act 2. If that part wasn’t desired, the new male actor could play Mr. Macy and other assorted roles. We have about 4 weeks left for rehearsal, and are almost desperate for this. We have other actors with multiple roles, but because all of us are in the courtroom scenes, we can’t take on this one additional role.

Hey, it is only about 40 lines. Anybody in the Williams County OH area want a chance to be on stage????

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  1. Sorry to hear that…
    Just can’t spare the hubby during Christmas / flu season, plus theater had to take a back seat when we began teaching youth group.
    Just don’t have an extra 6+ hours a week for rehearsal and line memorization anymore, and won’t have the extra 20+ hours for performances in December. Hoping to find the time to come see it though!
    There has to be someone in NW OH that hasn’t been burnt out by theater yet!
    Wishing you the best!

    (Maybe some roles can be changed to female and/or shared with other roles?)

  2. We’ve actually switched some of the roles from male to female. I don’t think we can switch the DA or Mr Macy. Our problem is all the males we currently have are on stage at the same time and we need 1 more guy.

    What about bribes? Housecleaning, babysitting, beer? (drunk Santa had to say that). 😉

  3. Isn’t your babysitter IN the show? 😉

    And bribes are difficult to make with impossible currency – like time.
    Hey derek, want to come out and be in a show? Can’t Jamiahsh be in two shows at once? Why, that sounds like a dream come true! How about it?

  4. Right now I think it would be easier to find people to clean your house top to bottom, watch your kids, ect than to find 1 more male actor.

    And some Sunday rehearsals I will have another babysitter available 😉

  5. polite 🙂
    Sorry but a firm no.

    There are plenty of actors in NW Ohio, some of whom may not have even heard of the theater – I learn this every year while working the B and I show. Just have to scrounge…
    I will rack my brain.

  6. Two shows at once is a possibility. Being in two places at once might be kind of tough. Thanks for the flattery, though taylhis 😉

  7. As I have said before, invent a (cheap) way to get me there without spending 3½ hours on the road and I would so be there- I really would like to be involved in theatre again, especially with my friends. 🙂

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