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I have recently started reading novels by Stephen King and I must say that they really are page turners.  I have been considering them for a while and ever since I picked up Carrie from the library I have been hooked.  Great character development, plot, and creepiness throughout.  I have been working my way through pretty much in order of publication.  I really liked ‘Salem’s Lot (a terrific vampire nail-biter).  The Shining just creeped me out (I have never seen the Jack Nicholson movie… I dunno if I will).

I am now making my way through the 1100+ page uncut, unedited version of The Stand.  While spending a lot of time backstage in the last play I was in, I was only starting on the post-apocalyptic novel.  An apocalypse brought upon by a strain of (now isn’t this ironic) a superflu…OH, GREAT!  The survivors of the epidemic make their way from various points of the country to Colorado.  Some of these make their way via I-80/90 through my neck of the woods.  Archbold, Maumee, and even little Columbia are mentioned.  I am in the 800s so I am nearing the climax and good thing with the next play starting rehearsals Thursday night.

Intriguingly, one of Mr. King’s short stories is no longer to be found on the open market which only increases my desire to hunt down a copy.  Following the rash of high school shootings in the late 1990s, the novelist himself made the decision to pull Rage from publication.  The plot was a little too close to the tragic events.

Suspenseful, page turners all.  I have seen a few of the other movies adapted from the books: Firestarter and Christine years ago; The Running Man (starring the Governator); The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, of course.  However, I rarely prefer a movie adaptation to the original novel.

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  1. I flipped through a couple of King’s novels in high school, and I remember thinking that they were difficult to understand – think it was Carrie with the crazy interjections in italics. But I’ve enjoyed many of the movies, especially Storm of the Century (is there a novel of that? You HAVE to read it – GREAT movie!) and The Langoliers.
    I also read a few of the short stories in his Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection. I enjoyed them, but never got through the rest of the book.
    Remember that Friends episode where Joey was reading the Shining and he put it in the freezer because it was too scary? Have any of your King books made it to the freezer?

    1. I do remember the Friends episode and I haven’t found any of them ending up in the freezer, just on the desk hooked to my reading lamp… yes, it has come in handy. The Shining is my favorite thus far. I’m sure that both Storm and I know Langoliers were both novels.

  2. I was never a big fan of King, but I did like the book Christine. Evil cars are just cool. I think I enjoyed a few of his short stories.

  3. For anyone who likes King movies, I will lend out our copy of Storm of the Century this winter. Rarely do movies scare me anymore, but this one is just creepy – especially when you watch it during a snowstorm!

  4. Haven’t gotten to Christine, yet. I do remember the movie.. The Car. And I may have to take you up on your loan offer if I can find the time 😉

  5. We just started watching Rose Red last night. Couldn’t finish it in one night of course (didn’t get to start it til 11!), but I’m really looking forward to finishing or at least another installment tonight! Is that one a story as well?

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