Quack Doctors – Take Two


Just a little update to let you know my mouth is finally feeling better and yesterday I was able to indulge in food and got to actually enjoy the feeling of being full for the first time in an entire week.  No thanks to our local doctors, though, my husband made me some sort of concoction from stuff we had around the house that I swished around in my mouth.  I don’t know if it was coincidence or if that’s what finally did the trick, but all I have to say to the doctor’s $300 mouthwash is HMPF! And it should be noted that we went to the doctor’s office again yesterday and sat there for an hour and half waiting for the doctor whom they said was out to lunch.  I didn’t want to pay to be seen again, but I wanted him to change my prescription to something that would help me and that I could afford.  Finally tired of waiting, we left with the nurse’s promise that she would call me as soon as he got back from lunch, but they never even bothered to call until this morning when I was finally feeling better.  Rude isn’t even the word for this, I was in agony!  And all that after 3 different nurses and Walmart told us like 5 different ways they could help me, none of which turned out to be true.  As my husband put it, it seems like at this medical  center, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing!  Kind of sounds like another local organization we’ve worked with, but that’s another blog…

I’m a bit concerned that this canker sore problem is something that I might have to deal with from now on in my old age.  Even though we think this latest canker sore outbreak was caused by hand, foot, and mouth disease, the doctor shrugged off our internet diagnosis since it’s so rare in adults.  So if he’s right and it was just canker sores, it might be something that I’ll have to deal with every once in a while, especially since it seems to be a hereditary problem!  Let’s hope not – my family can’t handle the stress of anyone else being sick!

On a side note, please pray for my little nephew who was admitted last night into the hospital with croup.  I’m praying that he gets well and that  it’s not H1N1 and that none of the other kids he was playing with (his brother and my kids!) last weekend get it.  I’m really really hoping we can dodge some bullets this flu season since there are six of us, thus six open doors for viruses to come into our household.  But for now, we’re hanging tough (groan!) and ready to party this Halloween weekend.  Don’t worry – I plan on getting the house scrubbed down for all of you coming to the Halloween party!  Can’t wait!

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  1. Had to chime in here. I live in Nashville TN and I work at one of the top hospitals in the country. You can google that if you wanna know which one. Our insurance here of course gives us a huge discount if we go here to a doctor. So on April 20 of this year my ear drum suddenly erupted. It was VERY painful but I waited until the next day and went to see my primary care physician. No problem……ear infection…….NOPE…….other ear drum preforates ………back to doctor OK to shorten this – that was April, in August the Ear Nose Throat Doctor operated on my sinus’s saying it was a mass in my sinus’. All along they kept treating my sinus’ I kept saying hey what about my ears. Well the surgery over everything corrected so yesterday at my FINAL followup appointment I”m like hey the surgery seems fine and all but WHAT ABOUT MY EARS, he had me go through the symptoms again……..AHA……..He looks me in eyes and says oh no I’m sorry I miss diagnosed this. It was this blah blah blah untreatable condition all along GRRRRRRRRRRR $30,000 surgery and six months and NOTHING – no help for my ear aches

    So frustrating. Sorry I needed to vent

  2. WOW! Glad you vented! So it’s not just our rural band-aid box, as one friend calls it. Somehow that doesn’t make me feel better about the medical care in this country.
    I even left out some of the other twists and examples of the “right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing” syndrome displayed by our hospital. Next time, I was going to go down the road to what is supposed to be the better hospital, but now I’m not sure…
    At least your doctor admitted that he was wrong.
    Thanks for sharing! And sorry about your ears. Maybe he’s wrong this time too… Do they offer refunds on doctor-error surgery?

  3. I have another more colorful description for our band-aid medical facilties, but this is a family blog. Curious to learn of your other problematic local organization (is it one I am seemingly coming less and less involved in?).

    Hope all goes well for your nephew and everyone else. Never ends… seemingly. CAN’T WAIT Til FRIDAY (and best of all… the WS is on a travel day not that a game would stop me 😉 ).

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