We Are The World 25 For Haiti


Some different lyrics, different styles thrown in but the basic concept remains the same.

What do you think?

Of course, this in no way takes away from the tragedy of the luge competition which remains under investigation by Olympic officials.  Human error was pronounced initially, but upon reading the statement and seeing video much more should have been in place to allow for the athletes’ safety.

14 thoughts on “We Are The World 25 For Haiti”

  1. Um, too much rap for my taste. And I’m thinking, where are the country artists? I did see Sugarland, but I wasn’t able to pick out their distinct sound. How come a certain artist (I don’t know who it was, but I wasn’t a fan of his sound) got about 3 solos and there were no country artist solos? I kind of liked the way the song ended, though I couldn’t understand what the guy was saying… I had heard that Janet Jackson was going to do brother Michael’s parts, but some parts still sounded like Michael.
    If it works to raise money and help people, more power to them.

  2. I guess they were attempting to appeal to an even broader range of tastes. Rap wasn’t really a mainstream genre 25 years ago… too much for my taste, too. I thought your genre got a bit left to the curb, as well. I’m assuming that some of MJ’s vocals were kept as a nod to his creative part in the original. When the song started and I had NO IDEA who was signing, I started to wander.

  3. I haven’t listened to all the new – I am not good at changes. I did see the pictures of the singers and I was glad to see Barb in it. But Vince Vaugh??? Of course on the first one I was surprised to see Dan Ackroyd.

    I need to take the time to look at the one you provided.

  4. Oh, and I was wondering why you mentioned the tragic accident at the Olympics – I didn’t realize that this version of We Are The World premiered at the Olympics until I read it on tvguide.com

  5. I dunno, I think the tragedy may have overshadowed the hope that the games are meant to inspire and thought it was worth a mention. Inspiring that the Georgian luge team has decided to press on. As for the song, I do kind of like it. And Vince Vaughn? That is crazy. I do remember Akroyd in the original. But does anyone know who the annoying kid at the beginning is? I found him just a bit annoying. But I thought the overall was very well done.

  6. The annoying boy at the beginning is the new tween/teen heart throb Justin Beeber. I heard him sing live somewhere, and the poor kid is just stuck in that inbetween realm where his voice just hasn’t changed all the way. He started as a you tuber and he went viral and now girls just flock to him….his singing is not the greatest….I agree. But having him at the beginning surely brings all of his little girls flocking to send money….good strategy there.

    I personally really enjoyed this version. I was around for both also, and I can’t say I like one more than the other because they are very different arrangements. My favorites on this version include JOSH GROBAN, Jennifer Hudson (Lordy can she belt!!), Pink, and….don’t shoot me….I loved the rap part. LL Cool Jay is a blast from the past and he was INCREDIBLE!

    Without looking it up I’m guessing the Haitian man that didn’t sound quite like the others that had several solos was maybe a favorite Haitian singer in that area….???? He did have a unique sound….I’m sure if it was a more native Haitian type song, he would do really well….he seemed to have some crazy vocal control….I had to stop and listen to a couple of his sections a few times, but I think in his own genre he does quite well….

    I saw on the top of the screen that they welcomed “home versions” of the song posted on you tube. That sounds incredibly fun….to tape our own version…..hm……could we become viral???? LOL

  7. Ok… so now we have teeny bopper girls running to their parents to donate… good strategy. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Josh Groban, yes, Jennifer Hudson. I kind of like the more seasoned professionals appealing to the more adult crowd… Streisand, Bennett, etc. I missed the tape our own version, hmm…. fascinating idea.

  8. I am downloading the video now in 1080p from youtube. The “too rappy” comments make me wonder if it’s a waste of time though. Oh, done. Time for a listen…

  9. Not bad at all, but I could have done without the oversampled (is that the correct term) autotune vocals some of them used. That robot sound should have died with the 90s IMHO. It didn’t get rappy until the end so I needn’t have worried on that front.

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