TONIGHT’S PERFORMANCE WAS PURE MAGICAL GOLD!  W had 15 reservations tonight and by the time we started our evening of mystery and mayhem, I’m sure we had at least 30.  Quite a switch from the nine we had last night.  I AM SO PSYCHED!  I know I mentioned that I was scared to death when this improv thing came up but after tonight, I am hooked.  Thanks in no small part to a larger than I anticipated table at the front of the murder scene.  One of my best friends decided to spread the word about the entertainment via a mass email that really worked!  I knew a couple of them were speculating about coming tomorrow but I am so glad that they came tonight along with a third visitor and then two more came along!  HEHEHEHE!!!!

While last night’s audience was very fun and we were able to play off of them really well… nothing beats interacting with a large crowd of VERY receptive participants.  There were moments of physicality that no one was anticipating that I found (as a performer) very exciting!  And it was all out of the blue!  That’s improv folks and I love it!  Never judge something until you’ve done it yourself?  I hope the video came off well enough to post highlights on youtube so I can share some of it!

There is something new already brewing for my return to the stage!  As with anything involving the stage, I am already pumped about it!  Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available!


  1. Sounds like it was a good time – I sang acappella in college so i know the difference a large crowd has on a performance, must have been fun!

  2. @ derek – haha, that’s what I was thinking! Since when was Jamiahsh OFF the stage? It was a good time, Jamiahsh, and I can’t believe I actually guessed the culprit – if only I hadn’t torn my ballot up like a complete dork and I could be enjoying a free massage…

  3. @taylhis… since when would u enjoy a free massage other than one given by your hubby? Or is it just he who has a fear of them? 😉

  4. @jamiahsh – I was actually going to mention that, but I figured I’d save it for my upcoming blog post. I have gotten a professional massage once, and it was enjoyable, but nothing compared to Hubby’s.

  5. @ Justin… We have another performer in the house?! A Capella singing is cool… barbershop style? Yes, it was very fun. My first time performing without Annette… God rest her soul. Think I forgot to mention Annette last night.

  6. @ the rest of you. I WAS off the stage for a week or two between It’s a Wonderful Life and He Has The Right To Remain Dead (oops… He Crossed That Line). I needed a few days off, but I have to admit I was getting a bit of off stage anxiety 😉

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