A Very Intimate Beginning


Tonight was the opening for the murder-mystery dinner theatre at the Quarterline Cafe.  It was really intimate because we had a grand total of 5 audience members! But it was really fun, the paying customers seemed to enjoy themselves as they played along and attempted to guess whodunit and why to win a fantastic prize.  Our overall effect had to change a bit and hopefully when we get more audience members, it can go back to our original plan!  But improv… what can you say?  If the paying public is entertained then it is all good!

I must give a shout out to the crashers who shall remain nameless.  They traipsed right on in. “Stella” went out to greet them, then they walked out.  I attempted to fit them into the plot by acknowledging the late comers and suggesting that they may be two more possible suspects.  It must have worked because after we wrapped, I told the cast who they were and everyone knew that I must have known them.  Apparently, they were making reservations to one of the remaining two performances.

So, while fun and intimate, a few more audience members would be helpful so that we can do some of the more physical bits we had been working on.  Call for reservations (419)485-0253!

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  1. I am sorry to miss it but hopefully Meg can represent. If she wasn’t there, someone may have to remind her about it . Break a leg!

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