Where Do We Go From Here?


My lesson this morning was mostly a reflection on the journey I have been on for the last nearly 1.5 years and what a journey it has been!  I guess I did most of the leg work from picking the songs, order placement, finding an accompanist, arranging for the space, finding the female voices I wanted to join me in the ensemble pieces, and probably most importantly, being the one who led the production on stage. I still say the blerb between pieces was awkward but I have been assured that they came across heart-felt in that they explained the personal reason behind most of the songs.  Overall, I was really pleased as was my vocal trainer.

Next step, finding a piece for the recital coming in about 6 weeks.  I did not think much about that over the weekend aside from considering one of my shows (did I just say that) character-driven  pieces that I would love to do again but was not sure if it would be venue appropriate.  I was assured that it would be so it will go on my short list.

After this experience, I really want to go out of the box in what I bring to the table.  While I am a certifiable character performer, I really want to broaden my scope and dip into whatever genres I can (well…. a few not so much, but).  K tells me that she would love to hear me tackle some art pieces.  Not necessarily in a foreign language because there are plenty of English pieces.  I know one from way back when that I would like to give a whirl and she loaned me a book and CD that is full of them.  We looked at a little Irish ditty that sounded fun.  I’m sure that my creative energy will once again peek out.  I already have 2 pastabilities.

And once again, much too soon, I had over gone my lesson time.  However, I got paid a huge compliment before leaving:  My coach could “sing with me all day.”  Aww shucks.

5 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?”

  1. I think it would be super cool for you to turn your hobby into a ministry. Maybe get together a small traveling singing troupe from your church to visit regional nursing homes and hospitals?

  2. Already talk of the next recital. Six weeks seems pretty quick considering the buildup to the one you just finished, or was “Songs I Have Learned” something else?

    I agree with Taylhis. Maybe you can even be an occasional guest singer at C’s church, and others. The Gospel in song maybe? And as she said, bring that Gospel to the ones who need to hear.

  3. Songs I Have Learned was my own creation. Six weeks from now is the recital for all of my coach’s students in which we all sing one song.

    I am inclined to agree… start at a few churches in the area and see how it goes. Fascinating and ultimately rewarding idea!

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