The End Of Songs I Have Learned


Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster.  Thursday night, I hardly slept at all… maybe 5 hours tops (which some people I know are lucky to get in a week ;)).  Being off stage for almost a year and a half created a huge amount of excitement and at the beginning of the day a little nervousness which I know surprised even me but several things throughout the day alleviated that fear.  By the time I was ready to leave for the theater, I was ready to go… physically and mentally.  Adrenaline still there but the fear I seemed to be feeling was gone (if indeed it was fear).  I arrived at my designated time and was soon joined by my accompanist and my cousin who joined  my coach and I in a trio.  I ran through just two of my more problematic numbers and waited on the other two participants to arrive to run through my pieces with them.

With a half hour to spare and the first audience members began to arrive, I headed backstage to put the finishing touches on my attire.  While it does still fit (a fact that amazed my pal :)), I need to use suspenders to hold the pants of my tux up.  Thankfully, I have lost some weight since my days with the BGSU Men’s Chorus.  Moments before I went on stage, my best friend, third brother, and mentor came back and led one of my traditions: the pre-show prayer.  Unfortunately for both of us, he and members of his family have been really under the weather for a while so he had to leave.  But I was SUPER glad that he came behind the curtain for a pep talk, prayer, and hug (don’t care if I catch whatever they are having).  I’m sorry they had to miss it knowing how much they have meant to me in the past 6 years but their health is so much more important.

A little high school game on the BGSU campus with a victory meaning a trip to the state tournament, kept all but 7 of my immediate family members from attending but what I had left was an audience full of wonderful friends plus my two sisters and 4 of my nieces (Kyli came down to the stage after I completed the show and gave me a hug).  The music was great; however, I hope no one asks me to emcee an engagement in the near future.  I am so better suited to a scripted show than attempting to offer extemporaneous (there’s your .10¢ word of the day) comments between songs…. Awkward to say the least.  But the duet and trio of the evening went remarkably well and my solos went as well as I could hope.  I am told that video clips are ready but either my cousin goofed on my email address or there was a goof up along the way somewhere.  In either case, when I get them I will post them (maybe those awkward extemporaneous comments scattered throughout were omitted).   I detest watching myself on film (most of the time).  I can handle Morat from time to time but that is about it.

6 thoughts on “The End Of Songs I Have Learned”

  1. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs were defeated in the Regional finals but what a season the guys had! Thanks once again one and all for joining me and participating in my journey!

  2. Sorry… been canceling everything lately; guess 5 kids IS a germ fest as I’ve heard before it happened. I don’t know what Luke’s excuse is though – he seems to be the healthiest of the bunch and I can barely type this because I put him down to do it and he’s screaming – no way he would have let me sit down to watch a show 🙂
    Glad it went well for you.

  3. Glad to hear that the big guy is doing well considering the concerns you had been having! Just work on the rest of youse ;).

  4. Totally understandable, D! Let’s see… in the other 9 items in my inbox…. Nope… Spam from one of our fellow tangenteers who left us long ago. An ad for the coming HArry Potter 31 disc Wizard Collection (which I WILL NOT be spending $400 on), and an email about Evita and Death of a Salesman back on Broadway. But no clips.

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