Technically Sound But…


Not good enough in my eyes either.  A good lesson today.  Worked on two songs… one a light, fun, fluffy piece that includes a patter line (a long, section spoken in time to the beat) at the end. K suggested I do it as a rap instead of the traditional.  For this piece, I think not.  I envision a small group of  friends accompanying me as I recite the section full of alliteration.  Definitely will work on that!  Could be much worse, I could have to learn “I am the very model of a modern Major-General.”  (Not yet, please!)

My coach also decided to test me on another song.  Although the piece is written in the key of C (no sharps nor flats… shouldn’t be difficult to play), she kept hitting the wrong keys in order to find out how confident I am in the correct notes.  At the end, she told me that, technically, it is good but it is time to go beyond the technical.  A very dramatic piece which I believe is meant to show the lead character’s vulnerable side.  I was challenged to find that vulnerability and let it come out.  SELL THE SONG! OK! Homework! Character songs are easy… digging into the vulnerable side of a heroic character will be a fun challenge.  One I am confident that I will be able to rise to.

5 thoughts on “Technically Sound But…”

  1. Ok, I look forward to hearing you rap at the next game night you are able to attend (IF there is a… ok, enough teasing!)
    And homework! That actually sounds like fun in a strange way! If only school weren’t so expensive…

  2. Well.. let’s see/ If we return to my schedule pre-Baskerville, I will have every other Friday off. No RAPING! Pattering, you will have to wait… rapping, definitely not!

  3. Well that’s just mean, playing the wrong notes on purpose! My own former long-time-ago vocal teacher never did that to me. 😮

    At least rap was not popular enough back then to warrant this recommendation for me thankfully. But in these two things and others, whatever makes you a better singer!

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