Two Weeks To GO!


Two weeks from tonight will be  OPENING NIGHT of the Sherlock Holmes classic (still can’t believe how many odd looks I get whenever I mention the title) The Hound of the Baskervilles at the splendiferous (yes… that is a word) Huber Opera House!  For my part, I am happy to state that my lines are learned which is quite common at this point in a show (more common than the line learning from my last play… still a great experience but challenging which was even more rewarding personally).  The next couple of weeks will be a whirlwind of activity from work to vocal lessons to rehearsal and whatever else may come my way but as always… I AM SUPER EXCITED!

Sunday, my talents will once again be used in set construction.  As many of you know if you ever need anything painted… I am your guy!  I remember the praise I received for my last set paining… I think it was a few years ago for The Odd Couple.  Funny how no one has ever asked me to once again use my paint brush.  Their loss, I guess.  But my talent has not gone unnoticed.  More than once justj has commented to Mare about my remarkable painting prowess.  We’ll see on Sunday if it used.

Hopefully, by Tuesday everyone will be better on their lines to avoid the dreaded Saturday before review rehearsal day.  I just learned that another tangenteer will be coming to review the show.  Hopefully, it will not take as long for her review to be published as the one I wrote for OKLAHOMA! did.

Click the link to the Village Players website for tickets and time information.

9 thoughts on “Two Weeks To GO!”

  1. Here’s to hoping it comes together in time before Ms. Director has a panic attack. Remember, EVERY show always has the “OH MY GOSH – WE’LL NEVER BE READY IN TIME!!” moment (or two).

  2. A scathing note from our director about the first act of our own dress rehearsal last night, but the second act came together and we are officially ready to open tonight! You’ll be ready too, J.

  3. And Jamiahsh, shame on you being amused by a director’s worry! 😉 Having been someone in a director’s seat, squirming because of last minute loose strings or worse is NOT amusing in the slightest. I feel badly for the cast member who gets in the way of a squirmy director; sounds like Derek and co. got a taste of what that’s like. If a director is concerned about how hard the cast is working , he or she could always give the “It’s YOUR show…” bit…

  4. I hope that my readers know (I’m sure they do) that I could never seriously say anything derogatory about a director or take pleasure in their worry. I have the utmost respect for anyone who takes on that role. Because I know that I personally would not/could not take on such a huge responsibility. As an actor, I know that the respect bestowed from a director to his/her company is not automatic but is earned. Theatre is a collaborative effort and if one aspect is not what it needs to be then it reflects badly on the entire production.

  5. All in good fun… just thought I would point that out. I realized that you were having fun with the comment, especially since you are one of the most respectful-to-the-director actors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with 🙂

  6. As you and your husband are two of most worthy of respect directors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with 😉

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