School For Bullies

I think it would be rather difficult to be the only male cheerleader in a relatively small school system.  However, even after being bullied to the extend that he received a broken arm for his pains, Findlay, Ohio sixth-grader Tyler Wilson has no plans to give up on it.  His trials have met with national press as he and his mother were featured on Good Morning America this morning.  He has also received phone calls and visits from male college cheerleaders. And although Tyler has stated that he has been threatened with another broken arm, he has no intention of sitting on the side lines.  GOOD FOR HIM! YOU GO DUDE!

As I learned long ago:  Find something you are good at and do it the best that you can. Wise words… wonder who came up with that.

Not the GMA clip, but you get the gist of it.  One thing the clip does not mention.  After Tyler got home with the broken arm, he told his mother that he tripped over a curb and landed on his arm.  Just like a sixth-grade boy.

3 thoughts on “School For Bullies”

  1. That’s neat that he is going to persevere and that he got national recognition for it.
    Bullying is terrible. One of the things we’re discussing right now in youth group is not judging others – watched a very impactful movie called To Save A Life that is part of a 6-week series. The kids are really loving the movie.
    I agree – find something you love and do it the best you can. But I’d also like to add to that, especially in the case of kids – don’t give up on finding more than one thing at which you have talent to do to the best of your ability! I think kids could use the open-mindedness to give themselves building blocks for an array of future talents rather than just one thing.

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