Different Bat-Time/Different Bat-Channel


…or different location.  It has been three weeks since my last voice lesson.  The first week was due to the fact that I was needed at work earlier than usual and K was on vacation the last two.  To add even more confusion, we are now meeting Monday afternoons at an entirely new location.  A nice and cozy studio which harkens back to vocal lessons of the past.  For the most part, the three week hiatus did not hurt a bit.  There were two notable exceptions.  A few of the more character-driven pieces (from the same show mind you) were not exactly up to par.  UNHEARD OF!  I was not pleased with those two.  Ah, well… guess which two of the list will be pounded this week 😉  However, we plowed through most of my pieces leaving 3-4 to continue with next week.  In all, we made it through 6 in slightly more than half an hour.

I believe that I have mentioned that the songs I have chosen to perform will be very family-friendly to accommodate my many nieces, nephews, and other special little ones who may poppin.  Something for everyone to enjoy so no one needs to ponder whether or not to bring the little ones.


2 thoughts on “Different Bat-Time/Different Bat-Channel”

  1. It’s getting time for me to seek out another show to audition for. The director decided to pre-cast the other show I was interested in. Oh, well.

  2. Speaking for my kids at least, it’s not just the song selection that would affect their ability to sit still and be good listeners. Concerts of any type for us would not really be kid-friendly since just sitting and listening is not really their thing. We’re lucky if we can make it through an action-packed kid-friendly movie these days! 🙂

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