Another Pointless Reboot


Well… with our free Cinemax preview for as long as it lasts, I have been able to DVR a few movies I have been interested in seeing.  I always liked the original A-Team tv series but somehow missed the big screen adaptation so that is one movie on my list.

Another is the reboot of the 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I am sooooo glad that I did not shell out the money to see this senseless remake in the theaters.  I thought it would be good for a tv screening, if that.  I admit that these movies are about the furthest thing from high art as one can get but I for one expect to go in and be a little entertained and (Heaven forbid) scared.  Except for a few bits, this was an almost exact copy of the original.  Several of the few killings made me believe that I was watching the original.  The names of the characters (save for our heroine… “Nancy”) were changed from the old movie.

I did not like the new Freddy, at all.  He sounded quite reminiscent of Christian Bale’s Batman growling.  The finger-knives did not screech giving the nails across the blackboard effect.  Instead, they produced sparks as they glided over the steel pipes of the boiler room.  I also did not like the addition of Mr. Krugger’s complete backstory.  It painted him to be nothing more than a pedophile who was hunted down by a group of “justice seeking” parents and incinerated.  OK… so he was in the old movie as well but to actually see it played out?  Not sure of the intent of the backstory but it did nothing to endear itself.

All in all, this masterpiece only almost PUT me to sleep without any fear of the boogyman slicing me to bits.  Should have stuck with The A-Team.

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  1. Even though the film was partly on-location at a mutual acquaintance’s alma mater, I had no interest in it either. I thoroughly enjoyed the originals though.

    A-Team- Definitely famous in my time, I somehow never bothered to watch it. Mr. Tureaud was strictly a Rocky “Gonna bust you up” opponent to me.

  2. I think I liked the inclusion of the Freddy’s backstory, but I’m not sure; it’s been awhile for me because I was one of the idiots who did shell out the $ to see it in the theater. It was disappointing, but not as much as the new Halloween. Some of the more recent horror movie remakes have been decent – Prom Night and Texas Chainsaw are 2 that stick out to me right now. I did mention to you that I thought Freddy’s height was distracting from the movie – when the scary guy only comes up to the shoulders of the high school kids he is confronting, then it does take away some of the scariness.
    Never seen an episode of A-Team so I didn’t bother with the movie. But I do remember Mr T’s talk show in the 80s. Not that I watched it, but because my friends were on the show.

  3. Since you hadn’t heard of the Mr. T talk show, I began to doubt my memory and googled it. I didn’t see anything about one in the 80’s (so I wonder what show my friends had been on – it did also have Mr. T), but ironically there was a Mr. T talk show announced in 2006. Did it air? Couldn’t find any record of it, couldn’t waste more time looking. But check out this line from the press release (not a joke!)
    “The TV Land network announced Tuesday that it will start “I Pity the Fool,” a series where “The A-Team” star travels across the country dispensing inspiration and advice.”

  4. Must have been one of the three episode series that TVLand likes to incorporate into it’s “nit so classic” classic programming.

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