Puppetry Of The Newlyweds


I catch the Newlywed Game on Game Show Network occasionally.  Tonight, I had the opportunity to watch a couple I actually know (well… the male participant, anyway) try to guess each other’s answers.  I came in midway but I thought to myself… “That looks a lot like Rich Binning.” Given that the wife’s name was Olivia convinced me even further.  I was still like… “NO WAY!”  Until a question that seemed almost tailor-made for the New York-based actor who grew up in this neck of the woods was asked.  When a commercial came on, I rewound to the beginning to learn that it was indeed Rich and Olivia.  Of course, the actor’s latest professional gig was well plugged… something about contorting his maleness in various… well, you get the point.

Rich’s mother has taught at my alma mater since I was in elementary school.  I also shared the stage with him when FCF performed The Sound of Music several summers ago.  I played a party guest at the home of Captain Von Trapp  as well as the Nazi guard who announces the escape of the family following the festival concert near the end of the show. Rich played Rolf, Liesl’s love interest.

Unfortunately, the couple did not win but they had points on the board so it was not all bad.

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  1. I had never heard of this Rich Binning before today, and only due to the Puppetry reference and his connection to it (nothing against him personally) I now wish I still hadn’t. I just had to look… 😯

    (no, thankfully I did not view any photos of the puppetry in action)

  2. I did not look at the pictures themselves. But one must have great deal of comfort with their body to do something like that. I, for one, do not.

  3. Once agin from drm who is a faithful reader who occasionally comments via email:

    I couldn’t help responding to your latest blog entry. God help us all.

    If this doesn’t fall into the whiskey tango foxtrot category nothing does. I certainly hope that our local neck of Ohio is producing better contributors to the arts than this so-called performer. Leave it to our culture to continue to view pornography as a celebrated “art” with the mind-numb elitists in Hollywood and New York throwing their vast wealth behind it. Mammon never had it so well as he continues to drag western society into hell.

  4. The idea of aforementioned show disgusts me, and I don’t understand the people who would go see it – PAY to see it no less; the idea contributes to a ‘what is this world coming to’ train of thought. While there are many examples of “the arts” out there that are completely tasteless and useless, that is one example that goes even lower than “tasteless”, and I don’t think I will waste any more time trying to think of adjectives to describe it when it’s not even worth thinking about at all.
    Rich’s sister was always so nice – she was in a show we directed a few years ago, and I found her to be one of the more considerate and thoughtful members of the cast.

  5. I’ve enjoyed reading all of these comments. Just to clarify though, nudity is not pornography. In fact, our show is completely stripped (excuse the pun) of all sexuality and is considered what most who see it as comedy. That’s why we’ve been fortunate to tour it around the world not as some underground freak show but rather a silly show for the masses. It should also be noted though the considerable difference between how people react to nudity in say the Midwest and Scotland where I currently am now enjoying sell out shows and wonderful audiences.
    That said, I understand it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and thank you for your thoughts.
    I also do other work as an actor as I’ve been classically trained. (Yes, I even do Shakespeare!) When I’m not on tour, I enjoy doing work in more ‘artsy’ things. Though some might argue comedy is the most difficult art.
    Yes, my sister is extremely considerate and thoughtful, whichever of my two lovely and amazing sisters you’re referring to. Also, my entire family has seen the show, (Well, the old show. We’ve just opened our brand new 3D show) and they all found it to be hilarious and harmful and are very proud of me.
    Again, thank you.

    1. Thank YOU Rich for responding. So glad you popped in. Looks like I opened a HUGE can of worms 😉 But as you said… “not everyone’s cup of tea.”

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