Almost There

Well… it has been just over a year since I BEGAN taking voice lessons.  For obvious reasons, I have not had a full year’s worth.  However, I think I have made fine progress in the 8 or so months I have had.  I am SOOOOOO close to polishing the 10 songs I have chosen to put before an audience including 3 or 4 selections which require more than one voice.  One piece was described by K as being very difficult to sing not because of the notes but because of the character.  Perhaps, but it is a fun character piece that I am so excited to finally be performing… definitely the one which needs the most polishing considering I just picked it a few weeks ago.

One of the other pieces is having a bit of intonation problems.  Written in the key of C… one of those that should be easier than I am making it.  As a test, it was suggested that I put my finger in my ear to hear what I was flubbing.  VOILA!  Not only did it help the intonation but created a fullness that was missing from the song.  Now all I have to do is get the finger out of my ear.  Not one of the most comical of songs.

As far as the repertoire… old favorites, new challenges, ALL FUN and I can’t think of any that all ages cannot enjoy (well… maybe one, but that has been taken care of).  So… now I need to get these other talented individuals on board whom I have had in mind since picking these songs.

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