And I Had To Catch It On Baseball Tonight


WOO HOO!!!!!!  Captain Jeter has done what few other have done and the first Yankee to do it!  I have always thought (well for the past several years, anyway), that Derek has been and continues to be a star in not only the way he plays but the in way he presents himself off the field.  A real classy guy!  Yesterday at 2PM, number 2 hit a homerun in his second time at bat.  Why is this so special?  This homer was DJ’s 3000th lifetime hit in the ‘stripes!  Something else the superstar shortstop did that he has not done in a bit… he went 5-5 at the plate!

The fan who nabbed the ball showed a tremendous amount of class himself!  Instead of cashing in, he gave the ball back to Jeter.  In return, the phone salesman was awarded with four tickets to each of the remaining Yankee’s home games as well as autographed balls and bats.  I know what some of you are thinking… he’ll sell those and make a mint that way!  😉 I hope not.

Why couldn’t he have hit it when the game was carried in our area?  AH, WELL DJ3K!

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  1. Every time I hear the name “Derek Jeter”, I can’t help but think of his Saturday Night Live appearance from a few years ago and picture him dressed as a woman, hehe 😉

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