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It’s no secret that there is a big screen version in the works of the popular little blue 80’s tv characters known as The Smurfs.  I haven’t heard much buzz about this, just enough to know that it’s in development.  I  don’t know if it’s going to be live action, CGI-enhanced, or 3D (though I would guess that with  the growing popularity of 3D that this might not be a bad idea).  I do know that the main roles are rumored to have been cast, and this is the news that shocked me and prompted this post – Quentin Tarantino as Brainy Smurf?!?  If this movie is going to be live action, this is going to be interesting…  my money is going on Tarantino doing the voice-over for the character, not actually being made up as Brainy Smurf and doing the acting.  Although perhaps the actors will film the movie and then be “drawn”  over, ala Avatar.  But however they do it, I will surely be checking it out as I was a huge fan of The Smurf’s cartoon in the 80’s – I even had a Smurf’s record!  Who can forget the toothbrush song?!?  I listened to this over and over as a kid and was pleased to find it on youtube.  (I would like to apologize to my friend Carol in advance – DO NOT click the video, Carol!)  Oh, and by the way, they’ve slated Katy Perry as Smurfette, and Jonathan Winters as Papa Smurf.  No word on Gargamel yet, although Neil Patrick Harris apparently has a role as a “live” character who helps the smurfs (Johan or Peewit?).  And Alan Cumming is Gutsy Smurf – who the heck is Gutsy Smurf?  Is this going to be a parody movie of the Smurfs, much like the Brady Bunch movies (which actually did a great job of hilariously spoofing the 70’s tv show)?  Staying tuned!

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  1. Hm….if I end up singing that song all night, I know who to blame! The video was disturbing, but the tune was catchy. I had NEVER heard it before….

  2. If you sing a song like that at work, your co-worker might think you’re getting a little loopy… 😉
    I didn’t care much for the video, but I loved the memory of the song – it was one of my favorites when I was about Sammie’s age. Whoever made that video seems to have WAY too much time on their hands!

  3. I think I watched one or two episodes, but as I was approaching my teenage years when the TV ‘toon came out, I was never really into the Smurfs. I do remember a worker at my freshman band camp subtitling blue moon ice cream as “naked smurf”. 😀

    Interesting- I went to Wikipedia to learn the year when the series came out (1981) and found out that the Smurfs are a Belgian creation from over 50 years ago (1958). I never knew that. Also, the movie you mentioned sounds like part 1 of a trilogy if you can believe it!

  4. I don’t recall a Gutsy Smurf, either but there were 100 of the blue buggers. Let’s see there was also Homnibus the wizard, Hogatha the witch (i think she was a witch) that were human characters. I think there was a giant but can’t remember his name.

  5. @derek – link worked, but sorry to say that the game looked less than riveting 😉
    I’m sure many of the games I enjoyed as a kid would look the same way now too though… Superman and E.T. on the Atari 2600 were two of my faves!
    @jamiahsh – yes, Hogatha was a witch – I remember the episode when she turned herself into a female Smurf. And the ogre’s name was Bigmouth – he was friendly but not too bright.
    Clockwork Smurf was a favorite too, but he wasn’t a real Smurf; he was more like a robot created by Handy Smurf to do the Smurfs’ dirty work.
    I am excited to see this movie; I hope it stays true to the tv show!

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