Hmmm, do you see the changes around you? Do they make you stop and think a bit? What to do?

Spring is a season of major change, and we are now in the first inklings of Spring. The weather seems to be getting warming. Rain is falling instead of snow. The ice and snow is melting. What to see?

I’m getting older, my children are getting older and our lives are changing. Our relationships are not what they were last year at this time. Things may or may not have gone the way we wanted. Change is there. Who do I love?

Change is all around us. Do you see the change? What changes will you make because of those changes?

5 thoughts on “Ch..Ch..Changes….”

  1. Why is it that this time of year it takes forever for spring to finally come and then I know myself for one have trouble switching over? New ways to dress, new time, and please…let us have a real spring before jumping to hot summer!!!!

  2. Go to bed an hour early Saturday night? NAH! Never happens, just pay for it Sunday! But I think it is a bit early to dismiss the ol’ man just yet, but the early signs are most welcome 😉

  3. For me, time flies too fast these days for me to really yearn for spring the way I used to – it’s here before I know it, and when it comes to spring, that’s a great thing. Anytime the temps get over 30, I’m happy. The higher the better until we get to about 75.
    Besides the weather, there have been other drastic changes in my life in the past year. Most should be considered positive, I suppose, but I’ve never been one to handle change that well. I guess I need to work on that…

  4. getting warmer outside… I def welcome it but I can’t help but think it’s too good to be true at this point.

  5. Seems like spring here- rain yesterday, today (thunderstorm even!), tomorrow, all weekend…

    Well, even the tallest of the snow piles will be sure to be gone by Monday, probably sooner.

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