DOA Disposal


Sunday I had some dishes full of dip to clean that had been left sitting out from our game night Saturday night.  I began to rinse them out in the sink, flipped the switch for the garbage disposal, and – nothing.  Not a peep.  My husband looked at it and found there’s a little switch underneath the sink that turns it on, so he flipped that, and it now makes a little bit of noise at least, but it still doesn’t work.  A call to the plumber found that they charge $300 to put in a new disposal.  That’s not really an option right now since we’re trying to save money to be able to take the kids to Disney World before baby Christopher is old enough to add to the trouble in our already crowded car.  So if anyone reading this knows anything about disposals or how to fix them, please, please tell me how and hurry – the dishes of dip are starting to smell!

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  1. Just had to do that before, I think it comes with having kids… Something always dropped in that wasn’t supposed to.

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