More on Superman…


And then I find this link. An interesting look into the creation of Superman. I will admit that I never looked into the two men that created the Superman character. I knew the names, but never any back story behind it. I guess it never really grasped my interest, but a comic I read started a story line about one of the authors. I’m not sure if anyone here reads Funky Winkerbean, but there is a current story arc about the Seigel home.

All interesting stuff for the 70th anniversary of Superman.

And a special link for a friend about a discussion we had recently. Here it is, Red Son. Have fun, if you find the actual books, let me know….

2 thoughts on “More on Superman…”

  1. The link only makes me want to track down a copy even more. I don’t recall seeing many graphic novels at the library. I did see the funky Winkerbean comic tho

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