Ryan Started The Fire


In lieu of a new Office episode tonight (another rerun, GROAN!), I’ll supply the following youtube.com Office video, “Ryan Started the Fire” for you to watch.  I read about it in a suburban Chicago newspaper who featured the story because the video was made by some local high school students.  It’s well-written, nicely sung (good Billy Joel impression), and very well edited.  The video was featured on Jenna Fisher’s blog (the actress who plays Pam Beesley), and I can see why even a celebrity such as herself took notice – it’s a great tribute to my favorite show!  Before you enjoy it, however, I should warn you that it contains events that took place in the series in the current season, so SPOILER ALERT!  If you don’t want to know the current happenings in The Office, I guess you’ll have to wait to see this video!  Otherwise, ENJOY!

3 thoughts on “Ryan Started The Fire”

  1. HOORAY!!! Hilarious! And BOOO to continuing reruns of my two must see shows of the week. But at least, I don’t have to schedule viewings around my busy-ness.

  2. It was okay. I was able to sit through the entire video which is equivalent to one thumb up. And no need to worry about spoiling me, I am all caught up now. 😉

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