Lisa – Look at what I can do!


Tuesday night is date night – where Lisa and I go out together.  This week’s night started a bit early with a trip to the medical center where I found out that my nasty Oscar-Night fall left me with no broken bone…   But with a bleeding kidney.  I will get an ultrasound on Thursday and hopefully all will be fine.

But something else happened tonight at our local dollar store.  There was a song playing, I now cannot remember what it was (maybe Lisa will in a comment)…  The “groove” got to me and as I rounded the corner of an isle I said to Lisa “Hey Lisa, look at this!” and I proceeded to do a silly dance.  When I turned around, there was Lisa — staring at me.  But it was not my Lisa.  It was another Lisa.  Yes, stranger than fiction there was an unknown lady behind me with a name tag around her neck that read “Lisa”.  She looked in stunned silence as apparently some strange man just told her to watch him do a little dance.

I quickly made a b-line for my Lisa and she began to wonder why I was in such a hurry to leave the store.  Boy, was that embarassing.

Somewhere on the web there is probably a blog post, by Lisa, about a strange event where some freaky lookin dude told her to “look at this” and then did a little dance for her.  So, (other) Lisa, if you are reading this — now you know.  You got an insider’s look at the kind of stupid nonsense my Lisa has to put up with daily!  Ohhh.  Poor Lisa.

11 thoughts on “Lisa – Look at what I can do!”

  1. Ultrasound was today, but we won’t find out the results until next week, ugh. Can’t remember the name of the song – nuts!!!

  2. embarrassing? Aw… come now. Embarrassing is having your father walk into the glass door at the mall and leave his nose print. Ok… so MAYBE the wrong Lisa part would be slightly embarrassing. But I have been hoping and praying that you have a speedy recovery.

  3. Oh how I wish I had been there. I would have been laughing so hard. I’m sure you were embarassed but come on, it had to be funny also.

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