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…but also not that motivated right now to post.  It’s probably my sleep cycle right now that wakes me in the middle of the night and keeps me up for the next hour before I can fall back asleep.  Hopefully tonight I will sleep longer.

Tonight a message on Worthy led me to a discovery of a few things.  First off, remember Weird Al?  Well, there is now a Christian band called Apologetix that parodys popular songs, replacing the lyrics with more Godly lyrics.  As I write this, I am listening to Enter Samson, a parody of Metallica’s Enter Sandman.  They have parodies of  songs from artists ranging from Elvis Presley to Eminem.  Apparently they have releases dating back to 1994.  I am of two minds about this.  One one side, I am happy to hear Biblical lyrics to popular songs instead of the sometimes not-so-family-friendly originals, but on the other hand it’s just not the same as true worship music.  When listening to these songs, who doesn’t think of the original if known?  So even while listening to the new lyrics for Enter Samson, I am still thinking “Exit light… Enter night…” which is diametrically opposed to Christianity which would turn those phrases around.  With Weird Al, there is no problem since his songs aren’t any more Christian than the originals- just a lot funnier (speaking of which, have you ever heard Bob?  The lyrics are all palindromes!).  😀

Going to the video in the message’s link led me to another discovery when I decided I wanted to post the video here for you.  After noting this was on, I wanted to find it on Godtube.  So I typed “godtube” in the url bar and ctrl-clicked to add the www prefix and com suffix. loads.  Wait- what?  Did I type that right?  I am tired after all.   Tried again, same thing.  Well, apparently Godtube rebranded itself as Tangle.  So I figured the embedded code might still work on this blog, which led me to discovery #3- the tags C added, Godtube and Teachertube are no longer there.  They must have been lost in the last upgrade.  Well C, when you notice this post, please add them again.  Except of course, change the Godtube tag to Tangle.  The current embed code looks like this (example video):

<embed src=”” FlashVars=”viewkey=981d5415aa832f57770a” wmode=”transparent” quality=”high” width=”330″ height=”270″ name=”tangle” align=”middle” allowScriptAccess=”always” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=”” /></embed>

Let me see if I can dig any of these up on Youtube since that is one of the default tags and hence is still there.  Ah, here we go:

Baa!  We’re Lambs

Devil Went Down to Jordan

Enter Samson

And for C, Found God! 😛

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