What’s The Use Of Wonder-ing


Well… it looks like one contender for next fall’s NBC lineup is now defunct.  The network passed on the new adventures of the Amazonian Princess after a disastrous screening of the pilot.  I wonder if it will ever be shown… probably over the internet in the coming days.  I remember a few years ago, the creators of another superhero inspired series attempted to bring a live-action Aquaman series to the small screen.  It too failed but the pilot was shown on outlets like itunes.  Perhaps, the shows creators will continue to shop it around.  Either way, at least we will not have to be disappointed by another heartless update of another television series gone by.  I dunno if it would have been the comic book geek in me or the nostalgic value of the series.  Of course, the updated Bionic Woman travesty did nothing to endear itself to anyone and the Knight Rider update lasted about as long  Maybe it was the new costume? Personally, I prefer the original Lynda Carter version 😉

7 thoughts on “What’s The Use Of Wonder-ing”

  1. I’m not too disappointed. I wasn’t a fan of the original show, but I have been known to watch updates- including terrible ones. Flash Gordon was one of the latter. I kind of enjoyed the new Knight Rider while it lasted.

  2. And I think I watched an ep. or two of the Flash Gordon remake. If memory serves, a cast member from the first season of Smallville played the title role… I remember faces… vague names not so much.

  3. So by Amazonian Princess, you meant Wonder Woman? I wasn’t clear. I remember the news a few months ago about the costume being changed – so that was for the new tv series that is now not going to be on tv? I remembered watching Wonder Woman as a kid, but I don’t remember anything about it.

  4. Sorry for the confusion, Taylhis. Yes, Wonder Woman’s new tv series is defunct before it started. I think the creators were going with the new costume revealed in the comics a few months ago.

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