On The Other Side Of The Audition


Since my leg still will not allow me to audition for a full-length show, I had to settle for assisting the audition process for FCF’s production of one of my all-time favorites, The Wizard of Oz.  Although it was fun hanging out, signing the auditioners in, I really REALLY wanted to be one of those who filled out the form, had his headshot taken, and led down the long hallway to face the three rather intimidating ;)judges.  It was so hard to just not throw caution to the wind and say “To heck with it!” and grab “Master of the House” out of the car and deliver my best Lion.  I really don’t think it would have been so hard if it was not THIS musical (ok… who am I fooling?).  But I WILL be back on some stage in some venue soon!  I am confident in that!

In total, we had 22 people sign in.  Most of them were teenage girls.  We had a few young kids and a few adults but no where near enough to choose a cast of this shows magnitude.  We really need more of the same to come in tomorrow from 9am-2pm.  I think we had two guys total.  Squirmy even held back a few minutes after his audition ended and asked how I am doing.  Better… just annoyed, but I’m plowing through it.

So… if anyone in the area is available (Age 8-80+) stop by the Wesley United Methodist Church in Bryan from 9-2.  Kids… be prepared to sing “Happy Birthday”; “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”; or some other like song.  Adults…. have a two minute prepared song and be prepared to read from the script.  To say that I wish I could audition is an understatement, but I know what must come first.

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  1. Well, I hope it went well today (it is 2:21 your time right now). I wonder if there is something to try out for around here? Summer is usually for the kids while other groups take a break.

  2. Not sure, derek. Just got home and they sent out a plea at noon. Hope it went well… the group doesn’t need another “Joseph” incident of a few years ago ;(

  3. YUCK… Hope they are able to cast it.
    What is it about your leg that is troubling you? Do you still have a clot? Have you talked to the dr about it?
    My opinion stays the same – use this as an opportunity to really listen to God and His plan for you. It’s so tough to do that when His plan differs from your plan, but I think this is an opportunity for you to be able to begin to serve Him in greater capacities! USE IT!!! 🙂

  4. It’s really just more an annoyance than anything. Doing more than I was. The prognosis remains the same… patience. I talked to someone the other day who said that it may take up to a year to dissolve… and as extensive as it was… I go back to the dr. next month. I guess compared to a year… three months is nothing 😉 Apparently, auditions for Saturday went well.

    And as I said I will be on stage in SOME capacity on SOME venue. Who knows what that will be 😉

  5. I was suggesting opening your mind to the idea that perhaps God’s plan for you doesn’t have anything to do with the stage 🙂
    Glad the clot is just down to being an annoyance!

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