Should I?


Monday night I was at the library browsing DVDs and such.  I found a few- a reserve waiting for me for season 4 of Psych, ah Megamind- I think I will watch that one, many, many skipped for one reason or other (seen before, lack of interest).  Moving on.  Wait, what’s this?  Should this even be on the return cart?  It should have a reserve list  a mile long.  Ah, I get it- “Here and Now,” meaning that they chose not to allow reserves on it, though no doubt there are a couple dozen copies available for reserve too.  A few copies then to give people a sporting chance without having to wait months on the reserve list.  So which recent blockbuster am I talking about?  None other than Harry Potter  7.1.  The thing is, I have been gambling as it were on a short return to the big screen just before 7.2 next month.  If anyone would do it, it would be AMC, the biggest chain around and with a 30-screen complex about 10 miles away.  But I don’t know if this will really happen- I certainly haven’t heard news of it.  But they have done it before, so…

Yet, now I have a copy in my that I could watch now, for free, in a much smaller and lower-resolution venue as a DVD on a 32-inch CRT TV.  What should I do?  Hmm.

2 thoughts on “Should I?”

  1. WATCH IT! Wonder how many copies they had. I thought it would be a big boon for them to bring 7.1 back to theatres but I suppose that enough people will have had gotten the disc by then. But there is still time for them to bring it back.

  2. Ah. That’s what you were talking about at the pool. I only heard snatches of the conversation. I say watch it. I think it’s doubtful that they will re-release it to theaters, especially in the summer which is movie season and there are a lot of movies coming out. If you love it and they re-release it, you can always catch it again on the big screen. But this way you can see it for free and not take the chance that you won’t get to see it at all. You’ve got to see part 1 before you see part 2 – it’s not like this is just another movie. It’s 2 parts of ONE movie, so you have to see them both. AND it’s really good, so I recommend you watch it!!

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