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I can accept most things concerning the long, tedious 8 year run of Smallville… For example, character introductions much earlier than acceptable for the sake of increasing ratings.  For another, the Incredible Hulk meets Superman interpretation of Doomsday  HOWEVER, when viewers have been waiting all season long for what is supposed to be the much-anticipated knockout/dragout battle of Clark Kent’s life (still just Clark, no suit, no secret identity except for his moniker of The Red-Blue Blur) and they get next to nothing… well.  All season long, the arrival of Doomsday has been announced… even going back to the finale of Season 7.  And we get two minutes of less than thrilling spectacle.  This creature was supposed to be the end of Superman and it was handled poorly.  Sure there was a super catch of a flying automobile, rescuing a small child, a few big explosions, but that was about it… LAME!  I had been waiting all season for that.

Oh, yeah.  For two years, one of the comics mainstay characters has been a part of the show (even if he was once again one of those aforementioned too early to come to the canvas characters).  Jimmy Olsen was killed by Doomsday.  At his funeral, we find out that the characters name was Henry James Olsen.  The character’s younger brother is given his camera.  The new character’s name? James Bartholomew Olsen: the cub reporter of the Daily Planet.  UGH!

Next season, the show is moving to Friday nights which is typically the graveyard of network television.  Will I watch?  I have my doubts.  I enjoy Elsewhere stories as much as anyone, but I see this turn of events as an insult.  And on Thursday nights in the 8PM time slot… some teenage angst drama featuring vampires.  At least my other favorite show is still looking bright.

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  1. I just watched it, and I agree that the fight could have been much better. I also read through much of the episode thread on and some of what they say makes sense, like the temporary fate of Doomsday- temporary because eventually he will have to come back and fight Superman, not Red-Blue-Blur Clark Kent. Still, as I said the fight could have been much better.

  2. Whoops, pointed at the wrong page of the thread- just click on the page one link when you get there to go to the start of the thread.

  3. def. not the end of Doomsday; however, just not too keen on the “Jimmy” storyline. I like the parallel drawn to Green Arrow and another DC character in the thread. Had not thought about that before…

  4. Yeah, the battle was a little disappointing. In regards to Jimmy, it appears the real Jimmy Olsen won’t be a key character in the show, since this is the last season and he probably isn’t old enough to work for the Daily Planet. I’m just looking forward to what season 10 will be about.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Legacy. I’m sure I will be posting reactions to some to the up-coming final season episodes. It sounds like it will be quite interesting. 17 days and counting. But I believe I have said before… it is due to wrap up…. although I am excited to see how the series ends. Ten years is a long time even if it is our only source of new Superman on screen goodness.

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