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My 10 month old’s physical appearance is about to change dramatically.  Well, first, let me start here – he’s been suffering from lethargy, crabbiness, diarrhea, and diaper rash lately.  You seasoned parents out there know what I’m talking about – teething!  Sure enough, the other day when we were playing and he was upside-down, I saw not one, not two, but THREE little tooth buds on his top gums.  Poor little guy.  So pretty soon, he will have a mouthful of teeth!  I just hope that’s the end of his awful diaper rash – he’s been taking about 3 baths a day; it’s one of the things that helps his sore little bottom.  And being 10 months old, he’s been doing all sorts of other things: climbing stairs, pulling things down, pulling himself up on everything…  they grow so fast and it seems that his trouble is just beginning!

His 2-year-old sister, Disney has gotten a Dora the Explorer obsession from somewhere.  She wants to watch Dora constantly, and it’s so cute to hear her talk back to Dora on the tv – she is even learning Spanish as a result!

And today is their sister Sammie’s birthday!  She is officially 5!  We already had her birthday party, but I think we will take her out to dinner and maybe to the store.  She has been a little better behaved lately, but still not as great as she was a few months ago – her behavior comes in waves, I guess.  At least we’re not stuck in horrible-acting Sammie-ness as a constant any longer – there have been glimmers of hope!  She is getting ready for Kindergarten in the fall and has been practicing writing her name.  A note about this – she would have aced the writing her name part already if we had just named her “Maps”, a word she writes over and over!

Taylor is 9 and almost ready to go to middle school next year.  You read that right – where we live, kids go to the middle school for 4th-8th grades.  She is VERY responsible with her school work and also when it comes to taking care of their 4 pet rats, so I think she’ll do well in middle school.  We have noticed an increase in her displaying a poor attitude – typical tween stuff, but I wish my child was somehow exempt.  Is there an exemption card I can get for this?

So anyway, there’s just been a lot going on with the kids lately, and I wanted to share some things before time passed me by and they moved out of the house before I had a chance to blog it.  TIME FLIES!


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  1. Phyllis Beyer

    Happy Birthday to my angel. Yes, Sammie is one of my angels. I can’t imagine Taylor goes to middle school. I hope it’s not like the one I work at.

  2. Our small school will be all under one roof in a few years. I believe we have one building holding 6-12 grade and the older building K-5.

  3. To clarify for non-locals, Jamiahsh is talking about the schools in his town, not ours. Taylor will be at the middle school next year, the building is 4th – 8th. They keep the grades separated pretty well.

    Wow, Jamiahsh, high school kids with 6th graders? Yikes! I think the schools around here are a little different than the ones I grew up going to – it’s probably not much of a concern here. In the larger schools, you have many more bad apples influencing the young kids.

  4. Well, regardless of the building, I have trouble believing 4th grade there is actually middle school, and will continue to until I find out she’s in an actual middle school program. I tried to see one way or another by looking at both Bryan’s school website and the Ohio Dept. of Education, but came up empty. Simply put, 9 years old is just too young for a real middle school program. I really hope for her benefit that it is just a standard intermediate program just housed in the middle school. The only real clue I got on the Bryan website is that they separate the middle school into two different pages, one for 4-6 and the other 7-8, so there may yet be hope that there is a difference in the program. That young they still need the consistency a single teacher brings with only the “specials” (typically PE, music/drama, and gym/health) having different teachers. I do realize though that even around here that “single teacher” definition I put is bent all out of shape with students often switching for core subjects like math, but even then that one teacher acts as more than a simple homeroom teacher middle schoolers get, who typically only sees his/her 25-30 students (at least around here) 40 min per day plus whatever the homeroom time is (and sees the rest of the students in that grade throughout the day, around 120 students per team per grade around here).

    Anyhoo, all that aside- HAPPY 5th DIDDLES, AKA SAMMY!

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