No Go JOE :(


Well… it is official.  I have the results of the audition for the summer production of Joseph.  I don’t know what to feel somewhere between total bewilderment and depression.  Not because I do not know what part I might have gotten but that the show was totally cancelled because of “lack of bodies.”  I cannot believe that this area does not have enough talent to fill the roles of the show: it has been done in the area at least twice in the past 10 years by two different community theatres.  It is just a weird feeling knowing that a show was cancelled BEFORE it was even cast.  I just hope that the theatre can put this behind them and move on to their next musical production.  I really am upset about this and to say that we should move on and think about the next production is not helping a whole lot because I really did want to be a part of one of my favorite shows and hopefully be in it with one of the best performers and friends I have ever known… but there WILL be another time for that.

7 thoughts on “No Go JOE :(”

  1. Ok… after sleeping on it, I am really upset about this. I guess I am only human! But Ob-la-dee, Ob-la-da/ Life goes on

  2. I am really upset too, many reasons I can’t go into here. We can talk later. Way to keep your chin up!

  3. I’ve had two shows canceled on me in the past (Grease, twice) but not because of lack of interest but because of touring companies that can’t bear to have a local group put on “their show” and so buy up the rights to perform for the duration.

    Sorry to hear about Joe.

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