Cheaters Prosper


I came across this classic Price is Right moment the other day via you tube and I have shared it with family. ¬†I just can’t stop laughing at the audacity of the contestant or Bob’s reaction. ¬†Quality not the best but good enough.

4 thoughts on “Cheaters Prosper”

  1. I saw this on fb the other day… funny! Kind of makes Bob look like a pompous jerk, though – HIS way or the highway!
    Not that I’ve ever been a regular viewer, but it does seem as if some of the funniest stuff happened during his tenure. Perhaps that also has to do with the sheer length of time he hosted…

  2. There are plenty of early Price clips. I agree though… For the number of years he was there one would hope that he would be comfortable and dare I say, develop a character all his own.

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