Water, Water everywhere


Have we had enough rain yet? It was a downpour last night and I knew that my usual routes to work may have some flooding, so I left a bit early.

I was not prepared for the amount of water on the roads this morning. I had to backtrack twice when I got to places with more water than my truck would handle. Our little bridge (culvert) at the end of the drive was flowing over with water this morning. Of course I did notice there were many places that had water on them earlier, but it went down enough to be off the roadway by the time I passed.

I was worried about one place I didn’t pass this morning, but did this afternoon after the water subsided. I pass one place just outside of a small town, where there is a small donkey and a few goats. When I passed the place this afternoon, I noticed that the goat/donkey pasture was under at least 3 to 4 feet of water. I did not notice any animals standing in the water, so I am assuming the owners got them out and they are all safe.

On the way home from play rehearsal today, I also had to do a couple of bypasses of flooded roads. There were a few places where I had to go through some standing water just to make it home. It felt like one of those “You can’t get there from here” sort of stories.

I’m sure some of the roads I travel on will be better tomorrow, but some will be worse as some of the local rivers have yet to crest.

Stay safe if you are driving in flood prone areas. There is water, water everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Water, Water everywhere”

  1. I went down to the basement to get my Easter decorations yesterday, and that’s when I found the water. But not too much, it had only pooled by all the Halloween decorations. I think I only lost a few paper ones, no big deal at all – just a mess to clean up. Glad I got down there when I did before everything started molding. Unfortunately, my neighbors must not have been quite as lucky. I saw the big hoses (to suck up all the floodwater) in their yard this morning, along with all of their basement stuff, some of it moldy, it looked like a big mess. There’s a house on South Walnut street whose foundation is completely under water – looks uninhabitable. If they have a basement, it’s got to be flooded. We are lucky indeed. Tonight we have to go out to Napoleon for a meeting, so I’ll have to survey the damage from the Maumee over there.

  2. There were lots of flood warnings over here. One is still in effect for the nearby river. We ended up with a small pond in the backyard which I think is still there, if a bit frozen.

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