Cheap Cheeseburger Rundown


We have the following items from the value menus of the local fast food chains (again Williams Co Ohio)

McDonalds — McDouble (99cents)

Wendys — Jr Bacon Cheeseburger ($1.00)
DoubleStack Burger ($1.00)

Burger King — Junior Whopper (99cents)
Bk Stacker (??)
Double Cheeseburger (??)
A&W — No cheap burgers only KFC has 99 cent snackers (chicken/fish)
Dairy Queen — Double Cheese burgers (2 for price on one day of the week)

I’ve already commented on the McDonalds sandwich. One less slice of cheese than the original Double Cheeseburger at the same old price. It’s exactly what you expect from McDonalds. It isn’t the same comfort food I grew up with, but for the price and speed of delivery, I always thought it was hard to beat. Until….

On a whim, I stopped at Wendys for a DoubleStack and a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger. All I can say is: I think I’m hooked. Little burgers with a big burger taste. Not at all what I expected. I thought they took a quarter pound single or, in the case of the DoubleStack, a half pound Double and shrunk them. Same taste as a regular size Wendys burger. I have a new mini-price comfort burger. When I want a cheap burger, that is where I am going.

One word on Dairy Queen burgers, I’ve had them, and they were OK. Not great, not bad, just OK. If I want onion rings or some specialty burger, that only they carry (The flamethrower or mushroom burgers are good), I will go somewhere else. There cheeseburgers and double cheeseburgers are just ok, and more than the dollar menu values of the other chains.

Burger King, I’ll have to say I’ve only had the Whopper Jr. Burger King has never been my favorite stop for burgers. I’ve always been able to taste the “gas” from the flame broiling. It may just be me, but it wasn’t a pleasant taste. On the bigger burgers the taste is less noticeable, but very strong on the smaller burgers. Not sure why that is. Their Angus Burgers, while not cheap, are quite good.

A&W — Even their Cheeseburger is more than a buck. Even at the old A&W stand in nearby Antwerp OH, I never cared for their burgers. Give me a chili Dog, Onion Rings and mug of root Beer. Great Combination, but it isn’t a cheap burger.

Next Up Franchise burgers — What they sell now (Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Whopper, Grillburgers, Single, Double, Triple) and the winner is….

12 thoughts on “Cheap Cheeseburger Rundown”

  1. BK Stackers are pretty good – unless you get an old one. I’ve always liked Wendy’s burgers too. I had never tried them until I worked there. Even all these years later, they are the same price, which is a good deal. And for years they didn’t have the double stack, which I couldn’t figure out because it was by far the most popular seller. But their meat is never frozen and every burger is made fresh, so I suppose this makes a difference. If that Sonic ever gets here, you’ll have to add them to your review.

  2. Mary Schaufelberger

    Taylhis, sorry to butt in, but a SONIC??? Oh yum….Cocoanut Cream Pie milkshakes….(wiping the drool)!!!
    Justj, since my cover is blown, let me offer up my recommendation of a good burger. Try the Dari D Lite at the corner of St. Rt. 2 & 49 in Hicksville. Not quite in your dollar price range, but you get a lot of burger for your money.
    Back to hiding in the shadows I go…..;)

  3. Mary, please don’t hide too much, I like visitors here. Hicksville is a bit out of the range of my current burger reviews, but I’ll have to stop and try one. This review was only the cheap burgers and national chains. Local restaurants will be covered later. I’m having fun trying different burgers.

    As far as I know, there are no SONIC burger places in Williams or Defiance County. I’ve had them before, and I wasn’t impressed at the restaurant I was at. It must have been a poor sample since that particular place is no longer open.

  4. Mary Schaufelberger

    Ha! I know…but I feel like such an eavesdropper!!! Maybe once all of you get to know me and my magnetic personality (haha) I won’t feel so much like a snooper!!!!

  5. Mary Schaufelberger

    This thread has wandered away from the original….my vote for best chain burger is Wendy’s also!!! 😉

  6. There was an item in the paper a few months ago about Bryan getting a Sonic – that’s why I brought it up. I was skeptical because a lot of times those things don’t pan out (there was supposed to be a Tim Horton’s in the same place, but that fell through – along with the new Rite Aid), but the paper acted like Sonic was a definite thing. I can’t help but notice that they haven’t broken ground yet though – I think it was supposed to be open by June. In this economy, I wouldn’t be surprised if that deal went by the wayside as well. I LOVE Sonic’s slushes, etc. Their burgers are alright – something different, anyway.
    My vote is for White Castle – they are certainly cheap, although they aren’t located anywhere nearby, they are still a national chain.

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