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My youngest was inducted into the National Honor Society this evening.  And the Senior class gave their heartfelt thanks to a person who helped them in their young lives.  I’m curious as to how many of these young people will remember what they said during this evening.  Some will remember, because they truly felt that the individual mentioned made a very big influence on their lives.  Some will not.  Those that will not make me a little sad.   They have to spend a few minutes at least thinking about what they can say about these people, and  say something that at least sounds sincere.  But in a few short years this will be a silent memory or blank page in their lives.

Many people have said that High School are the best days of your life.  I, for one, am glad that they were not.  I’ve had many better days since then.  I have very few people I consider friends that I met while in High School.  I did not do any long term bonding with any high school classmates.  I still see a few around, and I’m friendly to  them, but we are not good friends.   My good friends I’ve met since High School.  Once I was grown up enough to see what is actually good in people, and they were able to see it in me.

Back to the National Honor Society….  I was never in it.  I was invited to join both my Junior and Senior years, but turned it down.  I felt that it was more of a “click” than anything that would do me any good in my future.  Did I make a mistake?  Maybe, but I will never know.   That person that had an influence on me… Yes, I had one.  My High School Math teacher.  I almost became a math teacher because of him.  Since I didn’t have his patience, I went into computers.  He is still at the school, retired from teaching, but coaching the golf team.  One of the students chose him as their inspirational person.  He still has that touch.

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  1. High school was not that memorable for me. As a matter of fact, I remember only maybe two of my teachers. Antisocial as I was, I was never a part of any clique. Wait, that would be NONsocial. The antisocial had their own clique too…

    Of course my high school years were not nearly as bad as those of someone I know, but I’d better stop there.

    I’m glad to hear about your youngest though. Smart as I supposedly am (last IQ test was pretty high) I didn’t get the grades in high school I should have. I even failed a writing course, though more because I didn’t want to do the work than for any other reason. To be smart AND a hard enough worker to be in the honors society (or invited to be in) is a gift that apparently runs in your family. Congrats to you both.

  2. I think my daughters may be smarter than I am/was. This is from someone who passed the Mensa test and was ready to join, but I didn’t have the dues money. In my later years, I thought I could have been a real dummy giving people money just so I could say I was smarter than most people. I can still say that, and even back it up on occasion. Saying it is cheap, Backing it up can be difficult… 😉

  3. Prove that backing it up is difficult? Or that I’m smarter than most people? Or that I passed the Mensa test? 😉

    Just to make the point, anyone with an above average intelligence, is by definition smarter than most people. Average IQ is said to be 100, I know I can score above 100 on any IQ test, so, by the same definition, I am smarter than most people. 🙂

    I guess I would have to take a Mensa test again, it has been a few years since my last test, I may have lost some of my smarts. I had children, and they tend to suck stuff like that out of you.

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