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One of the sites that I find myself visiting at least once a week is the Superman Homepage. This site is devote primarily to the Man of Steel but also features articles dealing with other DC comics heroes.   It features a timeline that traces  every conceivable  event  featuring the Last Son of Krypton  dating back to June 1938 when he made his first appearance in  Action Comics #1.  There is also a Who’s Who Database of characters as well as reviews of movies, television, comics, novels, music, even the Broadway musical It’s a Bird…. It’s a Plane….It’s Superman.  I think my favorite feature is The Super-Trivia Quiz.  Three questions posted at the beginning of each month that test the knowledge of even the most-die hard of Super fans.  One of this months questions:

In the 1940s Superman radio series what is the name given to Superman’s enemy who has Kryptonite flowing through his veins?

I have no idea.  I was not around in the 40s and have never heard the radio serial.

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  1. I think I know this one!! Before I answer, I will have to tell you how. I grew up in the Toledo area, and when I was younger there were several AM radio stations that played old radio serials. I was able to listen to “The Lone Ranger”, “The Shadow”, “The Green Hornet”, and of course “Superman”. With today’s AM radio only doing “TALK” radio, I kind of miss the old days. I guess they couldn’t keep the listeners after FM became big for music.

    Anyway, I remember the story of the Kryptonite blood guy. I think his name may have been Atom or Atomic Man. He was Nazi Germany’s answer to Superman. I’m going to have to see if any of those serial shows are available for purchase or download…

    I have the Shadow on cassette tape, but would like to have some of the other available.

  2. That sounds very cool. I wish there was a station in the area that played things like that. I think it would be fascinating to listen to what generations past did for a large part of their entertainment. ABle to use their imagination. I suppose we could cheat and research the answer or whati until June 1st when the answers are posted. The earliest I go back is reruns of the Adventures of Superman (all of which I have received from Christmas’ and birthday’s past).

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