They said what?


My wife loved to sing (I’m sure that is where my daughters get their talent), but she was hard of hearing and would make a mistake or two on the lyrics of popular songs. I do realize that this was not something that she alone was guilty of, but she had quite a few good ones. Unfortunately, I know longer remember the specific misheard lyrics, or I would send them to a site I found this evening.

Have fun looking up some of the songs. Some of the misheard lyrics are quite funny, others better than the original lyrics.

So, “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy”.

3 thoughts on “They said what?”

  1. Mary Schaufelberger

    Very funny! I can’t wait to hear some of those songs and see if I remember the real words or just keep singing it the way I have been…. 🙂

  2. Have you seen some of the videos on youtube with fake English lyrics for non-English music? This one user did this with subtitles for several Indian music videos. The results can be pretty funny, even if the lyrics aren’t always family-friendly.

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