New Jersey Is Lovely This Time Of Year, I Hear


Right now, I’m in the car with my husband, our 4 kids, and our volunteer “Manny” (a man who’s a nanny – thanks Jamiahsh!); we’re on the way to the New Jersey / New York City area!  How did I manage to make a blog post, you ask?  Well, I’ve actually typed this out days ahead of time and then used the brilliant feature “schedule a post”, choosing the exact date and time for which my post will automatically publish itself!  I love technology AND!

So I think we’re probably between zoos right now; the itinerary had us stopping at both the Cleveland and Akron Zoos in Ohio on the way to New Jersey.  Two zoos only 20 minutes apart?  How could I resist?  And why can’t my utopia of a hometown be located within a 20-minute vicinity of two zoos?!?

I hope we made it to both zoos without being too pressed for time, and I also hope the kids are being good on the long car ride.  I hope our business meeting goes well tomorrow and that we have a lot of fun before making it home safely.  Until I return…

7 thoughts on “New Jersey Is Lovely This Time Of Year, I Hear”

  1. Scheduling a post, what will they think of next. That means I could write up a bunch when I feel the urge, and schedule them to look like I’m actively posting once per day. Nah, can’t see that happening.

  2. I hope you’re having fun, etc. too. 🙂

    JustJ’s idea wouldn’t work for me of course- I don’t think I have ever felt the urge to write more than two at once, sometimes days between posts.

    1. Hey, yeah… I was going to email you about that. Hope that means you’re coming! I had to approve this comment so I didn’t see it until now – guess it didn’t like the linkage?
      IM me or Admin this week so we can work out the travel details.

  3. Seems like smileys are treated the same as links determining if a comment should be moderated, so one smiley plus one link is the same as two links to WordPress, which is the default setting to throw a message into moderation. For this reason I upped the threshold to three for my own blog.

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