Really? Again?


Year after Year, the Ice fisherman go out onto the Great Lakes in droves. They will drive their jeeps, trucks, ATV and snowmobiles. It was reported on National News outlets that over 100 people were trapped out on the ice when it broke away from shore.

Warmer temperatures, high winds will all contribute to this happening. It was lucky that only one person lost his life. I just wonder why people take go out on the lakes at these times. I even wonder more why they take expensive machinery out on the lake. I can understand the lure of fishing, I’ve done it many times in the past. Me, I liked the summer fishing the best, but then I have another interest that will have me sitting for extended periods in the cold.

I have gone ice fishing in the past, but only on small inland ponds and lakes. I always wanted to make sure the complete lake was frozen. Even on those days, when the wind picked up, you could hear and feel the ice buckle beneath your feet. I can’t even imaging feeling this on a lake where you could end up drifting miles off shore.

Well, anyway they did it again this year, and I’m sure they will do it again next year. I’m very convinced they will, because I heard today on the news, that they were out again today. I’m almost certain that some of the people rescued earlier were back on the ice today. I hope they stay safe.

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