Walzing On The Trolley


Today was one of those hectic, busy days that I just love.  Work til 2 then immediately have to make my way to rehearsal. Fortunately, the time clock is set 5 minutes fast.  Rehearsal was just as fun as I had imagined it would be.  The principal cast and members of the chorus were given a lesson in waltzing by the choreographer.  Actually not as bad as I had feared although it was only a rudimentary lesson.   In the ballroom scene, Grandpa actually has to appear to be moving somewhere during his graceful dance with Esther.  We also got to watch the big chorus number on board the trolley begin to take shape.  Just so long as it isn’t a  bunch of people sitting on board moving up and down, up and down to simulate the movement.  While listening to chorus members practice, one of the male singers was asked which part he sang… Bass.  And by golly, he was indeed a bass.  I could never in my wildest dreams hit some of the notes he was able to.  There are basses and then there are BASSES!!!

Then it was over my home theatre where we were having three meetings as well as a surprise 21st birthday party for a dear friend who is in Over the Tavern. Apparently, she was surprised because she was amazed that I could keep a secret.  I just told her that I had to come over for the meetings.

Following the meetings, some of us went across the way to eat.  I had no money with me… something about misplacing my wallet.  This never happens to anyone else, right?  I did find it when I returned home.

OK… The End of The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond Will Return in

For Your Eyes Only.

But he returned in Moonraker (yuck) first.

Happy 21st, Megan.

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  1. oops… didn’t realize you didn’t have your wallet – you could have borrowed so you could eat! I thought you weren’t hungry or had already eaten! SORRY!

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