Teaching poll (part 2)


Okay, here is the long-awaited part 2 of the teaching poll.  Please choose as many as you would want to teach.  And please feel free to comment/expound on any of your choices. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Teaching poll (part 2)”

  1. Some of mine should be obvious. I would only teach general music if it were in an elementary school. I enjoyed elementary school music class…. proll b/c it mixed a bit of stage as well. I also liked High School French class and could see myself teaching it… anymore languages in these parts are limited to Spanish.. not a lot of choice.

  2. For some reason your vote didn’t come through, JustJ. Your reserved vote still shows zero. Hmm.

    Over here middle schoolers explore five languages at some of the schools(!) consisting of French, Spanish, German or Italian (depends on the school), Chinese, and Japanese. They can then go on to take one of them for a full semester or year. I’m not sure what the high schools offer these days, but I don’t think it’s as many as the middle schools.

    EDIT: I see your vote now, JustJ! 😉

  3. For some reason, I didn’t see this post until today. All of my responses are on the condition that I know enough about the subject to be a good teacher. If it was college, I would want it to be zoology or some sort of animal behavior class. At this point, I think I’m most qualified to teach home economics. Now if only I could get my kids to pay attention when I try to teach them so I could get some help!

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