Oh, that’s a kick in the pants.


There are times when you think you make a difference. There are times when you realize that you can make a difference. There are also time you think that you will never make a difference. And there are also time when you _KNOW_ that you did make a difference.

Those times when you actually _KNOW_ you made a difference can really affect the way you think and live your life. Now in this, I am assuming that the difference made is a good one, but that is not always the case. Even with that said, those times you _KNOW_ will affect your life.

I feel that, even with different religious/moral beliefs, it is one of our jobs to help those we meet on the life journey. When you actually see the difference you make, it can be a kick in the pants.

Yes, I recently felt that type of situation. It made me feel good and insignificant at the same time. It was also just a little frightening. There is always the possibility that my own little efforts will not help, or worse they will injure. But, those times that have occurred, when I _KNEW_ I helped, are enough to keep me in the game.

Those little kicks in the backside keep me on the right path.

3 thoughts on “Oh, that’s a kick in the pants.”

  1. Well, I’m glad something made you feel good, I’m sorry that it made you feel insignificant, and this post was so vague that I cannot offer further comment 😉

  2. I think that realizing that we have made a positive difference in someone’s life… no matter how small… is one of the greatest feelings anyone can have. And hopefully those we help along the way feel a bit of that as well! A kick in the derriere is a good feeling at times.

    Here’s hoping your little intervention serves to help those involved!

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