Unsportsmanlike Conduct.. 15 Yard Penalty


After Saturday’s OSU/OU football game, I saw on a friends fb account that the OSUMB’s halftime performance was less than outstanding… full of Looney Tunes, Flintstones, and other cartoon themes. However, I wonder if the Bobcat alumnus thought the following was so extraordinary:

Apparently, the heinous display by Rufus Bobcat upon the unsuspecting Brutus was premeditated.  The no-goodnick tried out for the role of mascot a year ago with the ultimate goal of tackling the Buckeye.  He has since been summarily banned from all Ohio University affiliated athletic functions.  The funny thing is, the miscreant no longer attends the Athens, Ohio college. He now attends nearby Hocking College.  OU has issued an apology to the Buckeyes.

In every way but personally, the shenanigans were for naught as the Bucks handed the Bobcats a 43-7 thrashing.  They should have tackled the player with the ball instead of the mascot.  Kind of funny especially after the games outcome.  A streaker running across the field was even more shocking and hilarious.

4 thoughts on “Unsportsmanlike Conduct.. 15 Yard Penalty”

  1. I saw that on the news this morning, but I didn’t see the whole thing, so I’m glad you reminded me and that I got to see the entire incident. For some reason, it’s extra amusing when mascots misbehave or act clumsy. But yeah, un-sportsmanlike conduct to say the least.
    And did you mean someone streaked at this same game?
    If so, quite an eventful one!

  2. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing the marching band performing to all those cartoon themes… even if it was bad, I like the songs, and I like to watch marching bands perform…

  3. No, I was at the ‘shoe (Ohio Stadium) in ’92 at the OSU/Michigan game when a man streaked across the field before the start of the second half into the waiting arms of the authorities. THAT WAS HILARIOUS!

    Marching bands are awesome! TBDITL (The Best D@%n Band in the Land) is indescribable. Surely, the OU band alumnus (with whom you are acquainted) was jealous.

  4. People do crazy things at games- the reason they are called fan(atic)s. As already said, it was both entertaining and unsportsmanlike so he got what he deserved, even if it turned out to be somewhat meaningless if he no longer attends the school.

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