Officially Spring In NW Ohio


I really don’t care what the calendar says, as I’ve stated before I look for my own signs of spring. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the final signs of spring to occur and today I saw the last one. I saw ducks swimming around in flooded fields of NW Ohio. Not in a pond, river or lake, but in a place that corn or soybeans will be planted in a few short weeks. What could say spring more than the quack of a duck?

Well, I’ve heard the call of the frogs from the creeks, ponds and swamps of the area. I’ve seen the buzzards circling over the highways and fields. Possums and skunks seem to have more time to move about. Buds are starting to appear on some trees. There have been a few crocuses blooming. And of course I’ve seen the first snake of the spring. What could say spring more than the hiss of a snake?

OH yeah, I saw a robin…

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  1. I saw my first robins on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve seen the buzzards circling, and I saw about 20 of them gathering in a field – that was awesome! Feasting on a deer carcass, maybe? Haven’t really seen any flowers, and I remember from feeling anxious in past years that leaves don’t fully come onto the trees until May, but time flies and I’m looking forward to it!

  2. relatively speaking

    We have some green sprouting in our flower bed. I don’t remember what type of flowers they are–maybe tulips.

  3. Robin
    Wood ducks
    Yup, toads. Dug out the side garden bed by the garage, and found two toads. They have now been relocated by the daffodil shoots. Tulips are sprouting, too. Haven’t planted any crocuses yet, though, but my neighbor’s are blooming.

  4. @Draclet – finding toads is awesome! Let’s just forget how much they scare me for a moment (this might cost me my 4th of July plans – KIDDING). Toledo used to be called “Frogtown” because many frogs and toads were found in the swampy atmosphere. Over the past few decades, that has changed, since wild amphibians are now rare, thanks to pesticides and who-knows-what. I am actually glad that you found some wild toads! Let’s hope this is step 1 for their replenishment (can’t believe I just said that).
    Happy Spring!
    (and this is one reason why I don’t do gardening)

  5. @taylhis – don’t worry, the toads are very well-behaved, and do not come out for any of the summer parties. And as far as replenishing goes, I saw 16 toads last summer, all with distinctly different markings. (Sister 2 is a herpetology nut, I notice these things now.) All were fished out of the pool filter, rinsed off, and put by the daffodils. We also had two rabbits and a woodchuck that survived a dunking in the pool. And last spring, we had a buck and three does eating grapevine off the back fence. I love having railroad tracks behind the backyard! (Except for the puma. But hopefully he won’t come back.)

  6. So did we, but B wanted to see which, so he started looking online. Turns out it was a puma (or mountain lion, or American panther, whatever you want to call it.) Poppy says he’s not surprised, and Grandma wants it to go to Ottawa Hills and eat the deer. 🙂

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